The Ultimate Hockey Training SystemThe Ultimate Hockey Training System

With the entire world in lockdown mode, maintaining your hockey fitness is vital. As hockey players get a few years of hockey under their belt, some begin to get more serious about the sport. They begin watching hockey games and videos, looking for ways to improve themselves. Young players may set a goal of becoming a professional player (or at least to be the best in their league) and then strive to achieve that dream.

One aspect of becoming more serious about hockey is to engage in additional training. Any player with aspirations of improving their skills will work harder at practice and listen more intently to their coach. Some will also recognize that eating healthy is a huge part of success in sport, and they will improve their diet. However, one of the most crucial aspects of developing the lifestyle of a professional hockey player is to train at home; to work on your skills off the ice.

If you are a hockey player moving up the ranks and looking to take your hockey career seriously, off-ice hockey training is critical. Here’s what you can do at home to train like a pro.

The Ultimate Hockey Training is a step-by-step guide on how to train hockey players off the ice to improve on-ice performance. It is written so that players, parents, and coaches can understand and implement the training strategies, but includes advanced topics to broaden the training scope of even elite hockey strength and conditioning specialists. The power of this book comes from its comprehensiveness. This is not just a hockey speed training book or core training manual; it’s a detailed comprehensive training system to improve every aspect of a player’s performance. Click here for more info!