Is Your Infoproduct Also Regularly Illegally Uploaded To The InternetIs Your Infoproduct Also Regularly Illegally Uploaded To The Internet

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Has it happened to you, that you spent working for months or even a year on an e-book or video training? Have you concentrated all your energy on creating value and releasing the perfect product? Then when you were ready and made it available, a little later you were shocked to see that your product was already uploaded to the internet!

You entered your product’s name in a search engine, and your e-book or training was already in the search results, in a freely downloadable, illegal version. What is more, it ranked much higher in the search engine than Your website. You knew that once it appeared on the internet, everyone will download it for free. You stood there in shock, trying to assure yourself that you already earned enough from this product. But you know very well, it is NOT actually true! Your product had much greater potential and a lot more money to earn, which you have unfortunately failed to gain!

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