Discover A Step-By-Step Process To Running The Accounts For Your Investment ClubDiscover A Step-By-Step Process To Running The Accounts For Your Investment Club


Don’t you just get fed up with spending hours and hours trawling through the numbers, records and accounts each week for your investment club? Do you find the process tedious, or difficult?

Running the investment accounts of an investment or share club can be a slow, laborious process, taking up hours of your time and instead you could be relaxing and enjoying yourself, or even doing something important like – researching stocks and shares to make a profit! This loss of time is potentially costing you money.

I have been running the accounts for our investment club for a number of years, and at first, I found it very frustrating trying to manage the different factors that cropped up during the normal day to day events in our investment club, such as managing different member’s monthly and one-off contributions, accounting for joiners and leavers and distributing dividend income.

Like you, I didn’t want to be spending hours doing the administration for the club, when the time could be better spent doing what we started the investment club for – investing in stocks and shares.

I then began looking for a solution and my research, both on the web and speaking with other investment clubs, led me to discover that the popular Unit Valuation System of accounting addresses all of these issues.

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