Creating Your First Programming Language Is Easier Than You ThinkCreating Your First Programming Language Is Easier Than You Think


Want to create a programming language, but don’t feel like going through one of those expensive and boring 1000-page books? Well, you’re not alone …

The best system to create your first programming language.

  • The eBook: A 100 page PDF detailing core concepts and applying them to a custom language in Ruby (included: ePub & Mobi formats).
  • Exercises & solutions: Proposed extensions to the language with solutions at the end of the book.
  • Three languages: Full source code of three languages in Ruby & Java. Easy to extend and play with.
  • A screencast: Explaining step by step how to extend the JVM language.

Most books on compilers are priced at more than $100 and are long and boring. My system, which contains a book (fun and to the point), exercises & solutions, three languages you can use however you want and a screencast, is only $39.99.

And I even give it to you for free if you’re not happy.

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