Amazon Seller Account Suspended? The Amazon Appeal Kit Will Help You With Your BanAmazon Seller Account Suspended? The Amazon Appeal Kit Will Help You With Your Ban


Amazon will suspend seller central accounts due to account performance issues, violating one of their policies or selling banned products. However, Amazon does give you the opportunity to fix any issues and send an appeal letter with a plan of action to get your ban lifted.

The AMZ Appeal Kit was created to remove the hassle and stress associated with the Amazon appeal process. The kit contains a well-laid-out step-by-step guide and professionally written appeal letters with detailed action plans to get you back selling again.

What you learn

  • How the appeal process works and how to successfully get your seller account reinstated.
  • The Dos and Don’ts associated with communicating with the seller performance team.
  • How to improve your business model and avoid experiencing an account suspension in future.

What you get

  • A PDF guide containing information about what you need to know and the actions you need to take to get reinstated. The guide also includes case studies of some of the most common and complex account suspensions and how to resolve them.
  • 20 high-quality appeal letters each with its own unique plan of action covering all types of account suspensions. The appeal letters also come with to-do lists containing additional action steps to carry out to help get your account reinstated.

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